June 21, 2017

About Us

Perfecting the craft of fashioning jewellery in a tradition laden with myth, symbolism and a rich imagery is Silver Plaza, with an avowed commitment to excellence. A tradition that is timeless and a pursuit that is unswerving, finds an echo in the ornate gems of ornamentation so assiduously created and perfected in the decade of exceptional called Silver Plaza.

Our Collection

Silver Plaza is positioned as well styled, high-quality jewellery for young women. Delicate and bold, traditional and modern; the designs reflect the change in the attitude towards jewellery, from heavy overdressing to elegant daily wear, and from ostentatious display to understated panache.
In gold plated silver, embellished with diamonds, lapis lazuli, pearls, and several shimmering precious stones and beads, from the mighty necklaces to the magnificent bangles, nose-rings,artistic wears for earlobes to fancy bracelets, anklets, dazzle in the splendorous range of Silver Plaza. Eclectic bridal items that are as fetching as the eye-catching casual offerings of Silver Plaza.

Art & Design

Like a scintillating tiara, Silver Plaza creations sit pretty with the image a women has of herself, and wants to portray. Drawing inspiration from India’s historical riches of abundance, Silver Plaza has culled the best of every influence different dynasties and kingdoms have made on the art and craft traditions. Experience the royal artistry in the same lavish ambience as Silver Plaza brings to its valued patrons an enchanting and memorable shopping experience with spacious arenas, personalised attention, with professional flair. In fact a part of the spread exclusively caters to silver.


Silver Plaza was formed in Oct 1991 by a group of skilled persons with several years of experience in jewellery and desing. The team has brought together some of the finest professional skills in the industry, in product design and marketing.

Our Mission

Our Mission is to build a company that is a one of the leading firms in providing the quality products with the craft of creative and innovative design of jewellery in Silver.
Come, join us. And rejoice in the luxury of tradition, glory of exquisite craftsmanship and the art of perfection, brought to you by the Silver Plaza.